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Thomas Revsbeck
Back in 1979 I was adopted from Sri Lanka to Denmark by Danish parents. I was Adopted from Welcome House in Colombo. My Sri Lanka Documents were signed by Pamela Pieris, who was around 35 years old back in 1979 and was in charge of “AC Aarhus, Denmark”. Furthermore I had pictures of Pamela holding me as a 3 months old baby in Welcome House back in 1979.

February 2019 I decide to reach out to Pamela in order to establish contact to my biologic family in Sri Lanka. Shortly after paying the 1. Fee, Pamela started the search for my biologic family.

April 2019 I was informed that Pamala had found my Aunt and Uncles, and that they knew where my mother was living. I was informed that my biologic family would like to meet me if I come to Sri Lanka.

Due to the terror attack in Sri Lanka 21 April 2019, it was not possible for me to travel from Denmark to Sri Lanka. Therefore, my trip to Sri Lanka was postponed until the “Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark” accept Danish Citizens to travel to Sri Lanka again.

December 2019 I paid the 2. fee to Pamela, so she could start arranging the meeting with my biologic family February 2020.

February 2020 I went to Sri Lanka with my wife and daughter for a 2 weeks “holiday”. We stayed at the beautiful Mount Lavinia Hotel South East of Colombo. There and other places, we had several meetings with both Pamela and my biologic family exactly as planned 2 months before we arrived.... Everything went very well, since everything was well prepared, and we were well informed by
Pamela regarding how to act when meeting people from Sri Lanka with different religion and culture.

Before leaving Sri Lanka we all connected through Facebook and WhatsApp, and I was even invited to stay at my biologic family’s place next time I will come to Sri Lanka......
.........which will be later in 2020 where I will meet more family members.... ;O)

Mar 29, 2020

We are a family from Germany. Our son is adopted from Sri Lanka and now 13 years old. He wanted to meet his birth mother in Sri Lanka. It was an urgent wish for him. We didn't see a big chance to find her, the case was a bit complicated. We got Pam's address over our German Adoption-Office and contacted her. We gave her all the details which we knew. Pam and her team did a wonderful job: They actually found the birth mother after an intense search. Pam spoke to her and she agreed to meet us. We have the feeling that Pam and her team were very sensitive which was quite important for us. We traveled to Sri Lanka and had an appointment. Pam also was there to translate from Sinhala to English. It was a wonderful and unforgettable meeting for everybody. We are very grateful for the work that Pam has done! Thank you very much! Susanne and Family, Germany

Feb 19, 2019, 12:11 PM

Mette Poulsen
We have just returned home after two weeks of holiday in beautiful Sri Lanka, filled with lovely impressions and wonderful experiences. Greatest of all was the meeting with my son's biological mother and another family member, that Pam established. It became an unforgettable afternoon for us - a heartwarming reunion after more than 30 years. We are forever grateful for the work Pam and her team did to make this meeting possible. And I would highly recommend anyone seeking contact with their biological families in Sri Lanka to contact Pam with the information you have. Her knowledge of the country, the people and their traditions is incomparable and is a great part of making it the best experience for all involved. Kindest regards, Rasmus, Mette and other family members

Sun, Apr 22, 2018 at 4:58 PM

Me and my brother are adopted from Sri Lanka back in 1973. Because of the professionel help from Pam Pieris, we succeded finding our biological family within 1 month. If you have any plans finding your relatives, you MUST contact Pam. The help she offered before, and during our visit to Sri Lanka, was amazing and we will always be her gratefull. Philip & Carit.

Tue, Aug 8, 2017

Allan Poulsen
Hello, My name is Allan Poulsen and im from Denmark, but adopted from Sri Lanka. For abt 4 weeks ago I came back from an amazing trip to Sri lanka where I also met my biologically Mother, which also was the whole reason to go to this country and of course to see this beautiful place. Last summer 2016, I asked Pamela Pieris to help me finding my bio mom since she were also the woman who facilitated my adoption back in 1978. I never really had the feeling nor desire to find my bio mom, but after i became a father almost 4 years ago the desire /feeling increased a lot and it was time to find out my background and find my bio mom. Pamela started the search and after abt 1 month or so she send me an email with the pic of my bio mom and that she had found her and that she agreed to meet me. It was very good news and I was quite happy. We planned then the trip and this year february 2017, I went then to Sri lanka together with my wife,son and my parents. The meeting took place at a hotel in Colombo where I first were alone with my bio mom and Pamela coz she had to translate. It was strange suddenly to stand face to face with yr bio mom, but same time an amazing feeling. We cld not communicate with words since she cld not speak any English so was a bit difficult in beginning, but somehow we anyway understood each other, at least that what i was feeling. Later my wife,son and parents came as well so she cld see meet them as well. After some hours it was time to say goodbye and although we both were happy, it was same time also sad. But im happy that i finally decided to do this trip and I can only recommend others to do the same. Also the country is amazing and people are so freindly. Its definitely not the last time we will visit Sri Lanka. Also a big thks to Pamela Pieris who did an amazing job.

brgds 21/03/2017

I have to share my story with you. It all started in may 2015. My name is Mie, i am 34 years. I grew up in Denmark. But i am adopted from Sri Lanka when I was only 3 weeks old. I have had the most loving and warm upbringing in Denmark
But especially since I've had children, i had the desire to find my biological family, to find my roots. To show them that I have had A good life, and that I've got a warm and loving upbringing. But of course, also to be able to see what I really came from. I became aware of Pam Pieris and her website, through a young man in Denmark, who also is adopted from Sri-Lanka. Pam was the woman back in 1982 who facilitated my Adoption. After I had communicated the information I had,  it took no more than 3 weeks, then Pam could tell me the fantastic news, that she had found my biological mother, sister and a big family. Already the same evening I Skyped for the first time with my biological mother, and later my sister.
In Feb 2016 I met my biological mother Margurite and a large family in Sri-Lanka for the first time in 34 years. A great meeting with a loving sweet and welcoming family. A warm welcome. I will be very pleased to learn them all to know better in the future. A family who live around the world, namely in Dubai, Sri-Lanka and Australia. Sri-Lanka is an indescribable beautiful country, you only can be proud to come from. And am already looking forward to visit more family and this beautiful paradise again. Thanks to Pam and her talented team, for making this possible for me.


Zette Holler
In October 2013 I went to Sri Lanka with my Danish parents. Pam had found my fahther in Negombo, and I was so happy-now I could meet him. I was adopted in 1980 to Denmark, and I never really thought about finding my family, but a friend told me about Pam's help and that was a succes. Pam helped me a lot in Sri Lanka, we are so grateful. Love from Zette


Berit Bach
My two adopted children, their father and I have just returned from a great holiday in Sri Lanka. It all started about 18 months ago, when my son told me, he had been thinking of looking for his birth mother or other family in Sri Lanka through "Sporløs" - a TV programme, where you are being helped through the search of a relative, who you would like to find. I suggested that we tried doing it ourselves, with the help from Pam. We already knew Pam from our visits in 1980 and 1982, when we went to Sri Lanka to bring back, first our daughter and later our son. We sat down, the 4 of us, and decided to go all of us. My daughter told us, she would like to search for her birth mother too. We sent our details to Pam in February 2014 and on Easterday in April, we had a positive result according to my daughter's birth mother. Pam wrote, she would continue looking for my son's family, but it was without a positive result. We were happy for what we had succeded with, and on January the 4th we met with Pam, who brought us to the house, where we were to meet my daughter's birth mother. We saw the resemblence straight away, and so did the mother. She was so tiny, pretty and sweet. She greeted all of us so warmly with smiles and hugs. Unfortunately we couldn't communicate directly, as she spoke no English, but people in the house were our interpreters. After about one hour it was time to say goodbye, and we were very happy, when the mother said, she would like to meet us again, before our return to Denmark. That meeting was also a succes, and we now have lovely photos, videos and great memories that mean a great deal to all of us, especially to our daughter.

We know for sure, we could never have done this by ourselves. Pam was there for us - always. As soon as I wrote a mail, I would have an answer back. All along the search she told us, what had been done and what would be done next.


Julie Nishanthi Kristensen
I a woman from Denmark, adopted from Sri Lanka in 1979. I just wanna thank Pam and her team for their great work, from my heart. It was a great success and I will never forget it and the work they have done for me. I meet my birth mother with my family, my mom, dad and brother. It was so beautiful and an experience I will never forget. I was so lucky to meet my birth mother twice - we were both crying of happiness. Now I got pictures, movie and her voice on my phone. I also saw where my birth mother was pregnant with me. It was the meeting place. I also saw my home country and meet my culture as a adult for the first time in my life. I was so happy and still is... I will for sure come back to visit and hopefully to see my birth mother again. I have a friend here in Denmark, also adopted from Sri Lanka and I told her about your webside. She had follow me and my family on facebook and want to know how a got in contact with you. So now I told her and had send her your contact information. Thank you so much for making this real for me, I´m so thankful! You are all doing at great work !!! 


Line Svenningsen Blom
My name is Line, I am 36 years old and live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I sincerely recommend the Search Program managed by Pam if you want to find out and get to know your biological family in Sri Lanka. I was adopted from Sri Lanka in 1977 and in 2009 Pam helped me through her Search Program to track down my biological family in Sri Lanka. I have now contact with my family who lives in Colombo and this contact means a lot to me in my life. I realized that to know the story about your start in life can be an important link to understand yourself, your identity and your situation today, and the Search Program of Pam helped me in this matter. I have very much trust in the way Pam works, even though there is always a risk to search for biological family members after so many years, I experienced that her Search Strategy is highly professional and lives up to the best ethical standard, she knows how to be discrete and cautious in contacting the family members and all conditions are considered in details according to the certain situation. Pam has helped me and many of my adopted friends from Sri Lanka and I can only recommend this Program if you are curious to find out about your roots in Sri Lanka.

Ina Dulanjani Dygaard
14 days ago I met my mother in Colombo, after no contact in almost 22 years. It was the best day in my life, and I have to thank Pam for it. Without her help, I could never have found my mother, or have had the meeting. The process was very fast, but hard. I can not say, that I didn't cry or was confused - but it all disappeared fast, when I got the mail "Mother found". I have never been so happy in my life before. And when Pam send me a picture of my mother, I was crying for 30 minutes. During the whole process, I felt safe and trusted Pam so much - and I still do. She had a meeting with my mother, and she has acted as translator for us, which helped us very much. It is so comfortable "working" with Pam, because she has a great understanding of danish and sri lankan values, which helped me a lot along the way. Pam has explained me a lot about the culture, the values and why things are the way, they are. She helped me suggesting, which present I should bring, which hotel I should stay at in Colombo, she was in general a really big help! My mother and I have to keep our relationship secret, because her husband doesn't know anything about me. But with Pams help, we could uncover at the Cinnamon Grand in Colombo. I can not thank you enough! Here at home I am the Chairman of the Board of Adoption & Society Youth in Denmark, and it was very interesting to talk to Pam about the current situation, adoption in general and so on. All in all it has been a fantastic experience, and I can recommend Pam to everybody, who wants to find their srilankan roots. Regards, Ina

Kamala Jellesen
Hi everyone. My name is Kamala, and I was adopted from Sri Lanka to Denmark in 1983. Pam began a search for me in May 2012. The only information I could give Pam was my mother's name and the birth name, my mother had given me. I didn't have my father's name or a picture of either of them. About a month later, Pam and her employees had found someone, who was related to my mother in some way, but they hadn't established how yet. Soon after I got a mail from Pam telling me, that it was my uncle, they had found, and that he could confirm, my mother still was alive. I was so happy to learn, that my mother was alive. So far so good! Now Pam and her employees had to make contact with my uncle in order to get in touch with my mother, because they couldn't contact my mother directly in case, she was married again, and her new family didn't know anything about me. Pam got in touch with my uncle and explained, why she was looking for my mother. My uncle agreed to help Pam make contact with my mother. My uncle informed my mother and she said no, she wouldn't and couldn't meet me. She was afraid her husband would find out, and she couldn't bring up the past agian, because it was too difficult and painful. Pam asked my uncle, if my mother would meet with Pam only. My mother agreed to this and a meeting was set in all secrecy. Pam asked me for some pictures of me, my husband and children, so she could give them to my mother. And I asked Pam if she could get a picture of my mother, because when I couldn't meet my mother in person, it would mean the world to me to have her picture. Only 1½ month after Pam had begun my search, she met with my mother and took a picture, which I got by mail, and it was amazing!:-) It's very difficult to explain, how I felt, because I was looking at a picture of a woman, who I didn't know, but who still was a big part of me, and who I was a big part of. BUT it doesn't end here. Pam wrote to me, that when she had showed the pictures of me and my family to my mother, my mother was very moved and had asked Pam, when we could cometo Sri Lanka. So she changed her mind and wanted to meet me:-) When I received that mail from Pam, I got busy:-) This was in July, and I arranged for my husband and I and our children to travel to Sri Lanka in October. I was adopted from Kandy, and my mother still lives in Kandy, so I wanted to stay in Kandy. Therefore we stayed 1 week in Kandy and 1 week in Unawatuna just to see different parts of the country and to get near the ocean. In Kandy we were supposed to meet my mother and uncle on Sunday as we arrived Saturday, but this didn't happen, because my mother couldn't get away. Her husband still couldn't know anything, so she had to be very careful. Instead of meeting my mother, we went to the nursing home, where she had left me for adoption. We met a very sweet nun, who showed us around the nursing home, which didn't have babies for adoption anymore, but old people without family and victims from the tsunami without or with very little family left. The nun said, they had a book with all the names of the adopted children through the years. She found the book, we found the year 1983, and there my name was! Again the most amazing experience!:-) My family and I spent the week experiencing Kandy and the sweet sweet people of Sri Lanka. We loved it!!! Finally the last day we were in Kandy, we could meet with my mother and uncle. Pam and I had contact all week by mobile to arrange the meeting. The meeting should take place at our hotel 9.30. I didn't sleep much the night before, and I couldn't eat anything at breakfast. Pam wrote me a text saying,she had arrived in Kandy from Colombo in the place, where she was going to pick up my mother and uncle. Shortly after Pam wrote a text saying, my mother and uncle had arrived, and they all were on their way. 20 minutes later I got a text saying, they had arrived at the hotel. We had arranged for my husband to come down to the reception to meet my mother, uncle and Pam and show them to our room. First Pam came in, and we said hello, and then came my mother. My beautiful mother! I had thought about what to do, when I saw her, but it just came natural, when we stood there. We looked into eachothers eyes, and we just embraced eachother, and I forgot everything around me. It was the best feeling in the world to finally look into my mother's eyes. Pam had prepared me, that the meeting maybe wouldn't take much longer than 15 minutes or at most 30 minutes. But my mother stayed for 2 hours, so I was very Lucky:-) That was my story. In my opinion every adopted child should try to search for their biological family, because it's a part of you whether you feel, you've been missing it or not. And go to Sri Lanka, it's the most beautiful country with the sweetest people. If you have any questions, you are welcome to write me an E-mail. Finally I will wish you all luck with your search.



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