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Please send below details to my email ID : fordhouse45@gmail.com

01. Full Name

02. Contact Number
03. E-mail Address

04. Original Sri Lankan name at birth

05. Date of birth

06. Place of birth

07. Name of hospital where born, (If known)
08. Full name & address of adoptive parents at time of adoption
09. Name of institution / convent / children's home
10. Date and place of court case
11 Adoption order number
12. Name of biological mother (If known)
13. Name of biological father (If known)
14. Age of mother (If known)
15. Address / Town of mother (If known)
16. Photos to be attached (If Available)
Present Photo or Photo taken at adoption or Photo of children's home or Photo of biological mother


A search fee will be charged according to information given. Minimum 3 months required for search. No refund of fee if search is not successful. If a meeting with biological family member is to take place at a later date in Sri Lanka the travelling / meeting cost will be payable in addition to search fee.

A search fee has to be paid and if a family member is located a balance sum is required to set up a meeting in Sri Lanka.

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