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This website has been set up to help children adopted from Sri Lanka trace their roots.Many  successful re unions of mothers and children, now mostly young adults ,have taken place since this search programme was started.

As confidentiality is of utmost importance we employ only a few trusted people to carry out the searches. Throughout my years as representative for AC Aarhus since 1975 and later Danadopt, I have records of cases personally handled by me. However, there are no guarantees that mothers can be traced after a lapse of so many years , although we leave no stone unturned in our searches.

The results have been heartwarming, and so many happy re unions have taken place in Colombo. Some of these stories can be read under the caption "Success Stories" on this web site.
Therefore the more information you can provide the better.

This does not apply only to Danish adoptees. Other Scandinavian and some European adoptees have also had successful re unions with biological mothers through our search programme.

If you need to contact anyone in Denmark who has experienced a re union in Sri Lanka for further information please email me at

A search fee has to be paid and if a family member is located a balance sum is required to set up a meeting in Sri Lanka.

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